PRISM Live Studio is a video / photo maker app that allows you to create engaging live streams, videos, and photos through various effects. Add fun stickers and various media files such as video clips, images, and music to create your own special videos with ease.

PRISM Live Studio is built so you can start streaming
within minutes. Easily set up your streaming environment with our intuitive interface.

Stream to live platforms

Connect your YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, afreeca TV,
NAVER TV, BAND, NAVER Shopping LIVE accounts
to begin simulcasting within seconds.
Set up once, but gain twice as many views.

Engage with various
sources and effects.

Add photos, videos, gameplay screens, and text
to your broadcast, and style them for maximum effect.
With PRISM, it’s easy to create a professional setting,
even without any fancy gear.

Communicate real time.

Enjoy real-time communication with the audience
without having to visit the platform.
Interact with your audience closer than ever.