Big screen OS dependent on Android, bringing the delight of Android gaming to PC. Phoenix OS presents to you the delight on portable games to your Desktop PC. Regardless of how amazing a telephone is, the screen is no counterpart for a screen. Play on a big screen assuming you need a genuine impact. Play on a big screen, well that is gaming!

Games created with a PC mindset are intended to be played on a PC. For MOBA games, It upholds right-click development. For FPS, utilize the mouse to control your crosshair. Keymapping for highlight games. All standard games show up with preset keymapping, refreshed alongside games.

Game Assistant empowers playing Android games with peripherals like a mouse and console, gamepads. The application executed the Octopus keymapping motor into Game Assistant, offering an incredible principal keymapping. With specific games getting a unique improvement.

Created dependent on Android 7.1, Phoenix OS settlements numerous exemplary PC highlights: work area, multi-windows, mouse, and console support, while likewise offers ideal help for Android games on account of framework level similarity. Phoenix OS upholds an assortment of peripherals like mouse and consoles, gamepads, and even docks explicitly intended for PUBG mobiles. It comes in two forms: a default adaptation for PC clients and an ARM form for certain adjusted table models.

In PhoenixOS, applications can be run in a window, limited into the taskbar, or even change the size of the window. It accompanies Microsoft Office Suite free of charge, applications like WPS, Evernote have been adjusted for the big screen, matched with the multi-windows highlight, composing records, sending messages, taking notes are a lot simpler.

The program is an Android OS worked for the big screen, you can have the smartest possible solution from your telephone and PC. A reasonable perspective on multi-windows helps in managing a wide range of assignments. Exquisite and basic. It conveys severe interaction the board, shutting an application shuts the cycle totally. Severe limitations on foundation wake-ups can viably forestall application self-start or wake-ups. Forestalls malware utilizing uncommon techniques to self-start. Forestalls applications from self-start, protecting energy.

Explicitly intended for the big screen, a multi-tab perusing highlight brings a PC experience. Accompanies incredible advertisement square and remarkable UA switch highlights. It upholds record classification, LAN access, all inclusive hunt, alongside mouse backing, drag and drops cross-windows. The simple and exemplary PC experience.